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Available With Mold-In Graphics® for Permanent Display of Logos and Warning


  • Accommodates current transformers (C.T’s)

  • Accommodates up to 4-1000 MCM connectors

  • Replaces expensive pad mounted cabinets


  • Non-conductive

  • Non-corrosive

  • Easier access

  • Replaces expensive pad mounted cabinets

  • Does not crack, splinter, rust, or rot

  • Reduces labor on secondary cable installation

  • Does not require a concrete pad to install

  • Weighs less than 65 lbs. empty

  • API offers Mold In Graphics® for permanent display of logos and warning signs


  • Wider based for greater in-ground stability

  • More space for conductor looping

  • UV resistant material

  • Stainless Steel hardware

  • Tamper resistant captive penta head bolt with REA locking bracket

  • Available in industry standard and custom colors


  • Rotationally molded from prime melt compounded linear low density polyethylene

  • Lightweight, yet durable

  • Ribbing ensures in-ground stability

  • Increased material wall thickness in stress areas makes pedestals impact resistant and eliminates cracking


  • Can be specifically made to your specifications

  • Mold In Graphics®

  • Temporary service door

  • Stainless Steel mounting stake

  • Connectors are pre-installed with mounting brackets, plastic covers (with danger stickers and reusable tie straps) or plastisol boots

Advanced Pedestal  16X28-1.png
Advanced Pedestal  16X28-2.png
Advanced Pedestal 16X28 WBST.png
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