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API strives to become your trusted partner by bringing your ideas to reality.  We offer all the services you need under one roof:


  • Engineering – product design assistance from concept to mold design to full production

  • Molding – efficient, state-of-the-art machinery makes consistent parts

  • Trimming – hand trim using fixtures or high precision using a CNC machine

  • Assembly – API has qualified employees that take pride in their work

  • Packaging, Warehousing, Drop Shipping – professionally packaged products stored in our warehouse for shipping at your convenience


API has excellent relationship with major resin suppliers to ensure we can provide the right materials for your products.  We can dry blend colors for short runs or provide melt compounded colors for larger quantities.


API’s vast experience in the field of custom molding has engrained a culture of manufacturing high quality products for quality assurance.


Our customer service is second to none.  We will get you the answers you need when you need them.  We will always tell you the truth, no matter what.

Machinery                    Spherical Swing


3-arm carousel                      91”

4-arm carousel                     102"

Shuttle                                  141”

Shuttle                                  160”

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