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API Seeks Injection Molding Manager!

Injection Molding Manager

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review and make recommendations on optimal manufacturing plan/layout based on product reviews.

  • Lead specification of injection molding tooling and associated equipment/machinery.

  • Lead the installation and start-up of new equipment.

  • Optimize processing conditions using data acquisition software and end-product performance testing.

  • Create Work Instructions for Molding best practices.

  • Lead and coach production personnel on process, equipment, and analytical approach to equipment commissioning and setup.

  • Engineer and control molding processes.

  • Oversee and execute training program for technicians.

  • Responsible for developing and organizing in-depth technical training materials for the molding process to demonstrate proficiency

  • Support technicians with mentoring, coaching and hands on assistance

  • Lead development, documentation, and training in QA/QC processes for the molding process.

  • Support the production floor as needed

  • Lead all quality and safety initiatives within the department.

  • Maintain clean and organized work area with emphasis on safety, quality, efficiency, and utilization.

  • Continually seek to improve work processes and individual performance.

  • Work with internal and external stakeholders to define project deliverables and testing protocols for development programs.

  • Document experimental results for internal technical reports and new product feedback.

  • Develop innovative solutions to address customer/industry application development needs.

Operational Responsibilities:

  • Production Planning based on sales and customer delivery dates

  • Management Reporting on production results and capacity predictions.

  • Research and develop new manufacturing processes.

  • Analyze manufacturing data and suggest improvements.

  • Ensure quality output of molded components.

  • Interact with customers, suppliers, and internal resources.

  • Establish the parameters for an optimal molding environment.

  • Analyze quality control and correct flaws. Work with other team members and vendors. Review existing validation criteria and update as needed.

  • Implement process improvements through lean and continuous improvement methods Implement quality improvements, reduce manufacturing costs, improve tooling and equipment

  • Look for ways to reduce downtime, troubleshoot and problem solve equipment issues. Troubleshoot materials and processing issues

  • Look for ways to reduce scrap rates - recommend improvements and countermeasures Provide both direct and indirect support to the production floor

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 3+ years in Plastic Injection Molding processing experience (education included)

  • Proven leadership skills

  • Scientific approach to processing, systems and problem solving

  • Hands-on problem-solving skills

  • Highly self-motivated with drive for results

  • Ability to balance multiple projects concurrently

  • Ability to effectively teach and mentor

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