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Whether it’s help with a design or a full suite of services, API has you covered. API’s “cradle to grave” solutions takes you from an idea to a shipped product or anywhere in between. There is no degree in rotomolding, so hands-on experience is critical to the success of your project. With over 70 years of experience, we’ve seen it all….. and not from a textbook or video.

Our services include:

API Design.png


Making a good part starts with the design. API’s experienced engineering team will review your sketches, drawings, blueprints, or even an existing part, to make sure the finished product received meets your expectations.

API tooling.jpg

Tooling Support

Identifying the right toolmaker can be an exhausting task requiring time and resources. With 45 plus years of design, manufacturing, and industry recognition we will find a reputable partner to build your molds.

API Molding.jpg


Rotational molding isn’t learned from a text book. Successful plastics molding comes from operators who have been there and done it. The last thing needed is an inferior product delivered to your customer. API’s experienced team will provide you with the quality assurance and comfort that exceptional parts are being made.

secondary operations.jpg

Secondary Operations

The molded part is often only the beginning of the finished product. A qualified team and reliable machinery are often necessary. Cutting, drilling, spin welding and heat stamping are some examples of secondary operations. Often times, specialized equipment such as a CNC lathe is needed to make the precise part.

api assembly.jpg

Assembly and Packaging

Someone has to put it together and it has to be right. API’s experienced assemblers and leadership team ensure any fabrication is done to your specifications. How a product looks when it arrives is important. API’s “Picture Perfect” program makes certain your products arrive in the same condition as when it leaves our factory.

API Packaging.jpg
API warehousing.jpg

Warehousing and Shipping

Some customers prefer to do the secondary operations and assembly to complete the finished product. Others look to API for a turnkey solution and may never touch the product. With over 20,000 square feet of storage your order can be shipped with a single call.

API Shipping.jpg

Success depends on a proven process from a proven company and when it comes to plastics, API IS the answer.

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